How to Curl Hair with Curling Iron

What is curling hair? How to make it artificially by women?

Hairs will different from person to person, like curly, straighten, thin, wavy, coily, and thick. People love to have different hairstyles up to the situation and festive, though they haven’t it naturally. They will make it artificially through some other machines or equipment which are originally made for such hairstyles.

How to Curl Hair with Curling Iron

Curly hair and the curly iron machines

Curly hair is one of the kinds of hairstyle which looks like a spring feature. But the basic scientific reason for curl is while the follicle of hair gets asymmetrical, the oval-shaped hair will be produced and it becomes curl long run. If they are symmetrical, the hairs will be straightened only. Some so many people have curl naturally, but some of them make it artificially through the curly iron machines. The fate is, the people who have straight hair, prefer for curl and the same way for the curly hairs want to have straight hairs. The straight hairs mean nothing but the hair will straighten like ironed clothes and neat.

Both of these will be possible synthetically by the best hair straightener and curler. The curly iron machine is a device that helps to make hair curly through electrical heating. Some of the straightening iron will straighten or flat the hair by using butane. The curling irons are also called curling tongs, those all made of metal, titanium, ceramic, Teflon, and so on. The iron will be like triple or double barrels or else have brush attachments too, and the barrel shapes would be like a cylinder or cone.

How to Curl Hair with Curling Iron

How to curl hair by curl iron machine

There are some steps to use the curl irons on hair. The first step is people have to select the curling iron with a tool of wand or clamp. It is up to the people’s preference. And then they have to fix how much curl they want to have. If they need tightly wound coils shape, they have to pick a ¾ inch or less than the size of the barrel. If they need vivacious beachy and big waves, then they can choose a one-inch size barrel in the curling iron.

The next step is people have to clean their hair with shampoo and conditioner properly. That is the best way to get the perfect curled look of hair. Then they have to blow-dry of their hair completely. The next and most important step is people should test the level of heat in then curling iron machine. They should check that how much the hair gets curl by the lowest setting of the machine. The last step is people have to make a partition or into layers of hair to curl and then they can start where they want to curl like from the top or only for the bottom.

How to Curl Hair with Curling Iron

The top ten hair straightener and curler

People can buy the Trendiest and hair straightener and curler or else both 2 in 1 device in the market.

Furiden Company

In this list let us see the first product from Furiden Company, which is the professional one for straightener and curler iron for all the types of hair. This machine could heat very easily in a short while, and it is a long-lasting one. It is very compatible and handy, so people carry and use it even in traveling.


The next company straightener and curler are from Rirgi, which has the rotating cable of 360°. The specialty is it has 5 different temperatures to get different types of hairstyles. It was default manufactured for quickly heats up.

Furiden designed

The third Company is also from the Furiden which is designed to feel relax while using it. This straightener has curved edges to avoid snag while processing. One of the cool things is a very economical cost and friendly convenable prices at all.


The next straightener and curler company is from Selenechen which has consisted of clips, gloves, and comb too. It was specially made of no burning effects, no more drag feeling, and also the anti-static occurrence whenever people using it.


The fifth and best company for curling irons and straightener is Remington which is a pro and ultimate stylish device for the people. It offers many different hairstyles and such a worthy product for a cost.


The next company on the top list is Gustala which has dual voltage and so it is very convenient to use by the people. It gives the professional touch so people no need to go-to stylists. The one more unique feature is the auto-shutdown option which keeps the machine safe and long-lasting.


The next company curler is TYME which also works as a straightener and curling iron. This machine looks very classy and the plates were made up of titanium. Also, it has 5 different temperatures, so it suits all types of hairs.


Huachi is the next company in the market as the best one which will especially for beachy waves and designed greatly. It was coated by the ceramic so it never harms the hair while curling or straightening for different hairstyles.


The ninth best company is Cobeauty, this machine was a gold-plated one. This will be helpful even for 3cm short hairs for both straightening and curling too, suits all type hairs.

Ravising Ridge

The last one in the top ten list is Ravising Ridge company which gives amazing results and comfortable to handle at all. It also suits to both thick and thin hairs, for all the types of hairs. The users have rated and guaranteed for the minimum level of hair fall.


In this twenty-first century, people are not walking but all are running for everything especially for the money. Even though, some things make them do with much interest and slight patience. The one among them is grooming, for both men and women are taking much time to get such an adorable look. So they will be patient until all get over in time. And this hair styling through iron machines can be easily done by the people even at home instead of spending more money on parlors. People can spend some friendly cost for buying these machines and styling themselves.

Eye Liner Methods From the Beauty Hall of Fame

Beauty for most of us beauty divas, involves a good set up of eyeliner make up. A well rounded make up arsenal can be found at the best drugstore liquid eyeliner that you can find in town. It won’t always be that easy though. You got so many options once you get in there. So many perks and designers claiming “this is the best new stuff.” After a deep search, you realize you still don’t know how to put eyeliner on or what one to use first. That is where we come in to save you. We want to help find the eyeliner that just fits. Give you a list of eyeliner options and tell you what their for. Let us make you the master at using different eyeliners. See more info below.

The Pencil Liner

The pencil liner or the thin line on the eyes eye liner. Its very easy to use and very not messy. Used by most business women today because it uses a medium dry matte finish. Comes in black mostly with a few optional colors. It will darken your eyes but not leave a huge wet stain there. You won’t have to wait for the eye liner to dry up, and worry about the place you going to having a hot environment. You have everything you need for the business world with pencil eye liners. You can use this eye liner for every day use too. Its a nice eye liner for the every day routines and regular stuff you do.

Liquid Eye Liner

Liquid eye liner is for a smooth and mysterious look. You can get this at the best drugstore for eyeliners in town, but its not necessary to get it. The best stuff tends to have higher quality. Its not like pencil eye liner. The quality depends on who you buy it from. You also need to know how wet the eye liner is. The eye liner you get might be super wet or a little wet. It matters when you are in a hurry to be some where. Strongly suggested you play with this eye liner before using it for every day use. The eyeliner typically looks best in black and gives off more darkness to color. It makes you look a little like a vampire. Vampire looks are sexy. Mostly at night but yeah.

The Cream Liner

The thick eyeliner for women who want more thickness on their eyes. You can use this eyeliner to make you look like some princess in India. Its a beautiful way to make your eyes look amazing. Good for impressing a guy you really want. The material adds a high shine to your eyes. You will look really bright in the night light. The eyes will look like their being touched by some strange fire. People will notice your make up before your face. Its a good look for women wanting to look extra pretty tonight. Its not suggested to use this for like regular day to day stuff. You will look like you want something sexual if you use this for regular stuff.

Need Websites to Find Good Coffee Mugs?

You need coffee to start your day. That makes complete sense. You got to go through the daily ritual again. Get up, brush teeth, eat, and head out to work. But, you should consider getting a interesting coffee mug. You got to bring some electric impulses to your movements. Look at a funny coffee mug that reminds you to do better.

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Funny Cat Coffee Mugs at Eurekamugs

Maybe you really like cats or want me to look at your mouth. Get your self a coffee mug with cat images. You can get a clear coffee mug with cat whiskers or a full body cat. You got to make people aware of your cat fetish. You like cats and you should not be afraid to hide it. Just embrace your obsession of cats with everyone that you meet. Maybe they will be inspired to buy you some cat toys as well.

Cats are shy and hard to trust creatures. If this represents your overall character, you should get yourself a cat mug. Cat coffee mugs show people that you like people but only under certain conditions. You got to have standards and people need to obey those standards or they get replaced. Reflect these believes with a cat coffee mug today. Visit Eurekamugs website to purchase.

Chinese Style Dragon Coffee Mugs at Amazon

Looking for something very creative and ancient. Yes, show people you are wise and like to watch action movies. Tell people you are an expert in wise sayings even if you are not. Maybe you are the type that likes to read philosophy books and change people’s minds. These type of mugs will be the right fit for you. You can get them in different colors and express the ancient Chinese creatures. Some designs are simple and some are very artistic. People who draw a lot should also get a Chinese dragon coffee mug. Visit Amazon website to purchase.

Blue Simple Coffee Mugs at Amazon

Not into something fancy. Want people to think you like your job more then tv? Get a blue simple coffee mug. Express your ideas in a simple way and let people know you want a simple life. You don’t want to complicate things and your not into learning things that require too much thought. You just want to work and enjoy nature. Your not into the latest clothes and you want life to be very simple. You believe you don’t need to know everything and your blue coffee mug will reflect that. Visit Amazon website to purchase.

The Day I Decided to Start My Own Business

I’ve had a fantastic career in the media and digital worlds, so believe me I’m not complaining, but when you’ve been laid off for the fifth – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – time in the last 15 years, you have to think.

Here’s where I’ve come out: I am done being an employee. I am not going to do a great job for one more company and because of a reorg, a downsize, a merger, a shut down, a downturn, a change in strategy or a political permutation end up in the same spot, meaning square one. Nope.

So I’ve decided I’m going to put on my big girl panties and do something on my own. I’m going to pour all my experience and passion, my smarts and my heart into …. hmmm, let me think here …   oh, I know – Me and You. I am now an employme.

I’ll share my journey with you right here. I promise to keep it real and tell you about the good, the bad and that not-to-be-believed.  I’ll share the steps I take, the books I read, the resources I discover, the experts I consult with and ultimately the business I create. I’ll tell you how it feels and what I think, what inspires me, what scares the hell out of me and what keeps me going.

I’m an employme!!!
I know there are so many people out there thinking about making an employme move. My hope is that we can support and help each other and create a gathering place where both the practical and the inspirational hold hands and skip down the entrepreneurial lane. If you’re like me, this is something you’ve been thinking about for a while. If you’re like me, now’s the time.

A sincere thank you to all the companies and people I’ve worked with, even the ones I shake my head about. If not for you, I would not be here. Let’s get going!

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We’d love to hear about your entrepreneurial tipping point; please share!

Back to the Future

I am part of a terrific Facebook group of midlife women bloggers called GenFab (Generation Fabulous). This week we have our first blog hop. All of us have written a post about what we would tell our 20-year-old selves. Here’s mine. Do check out the links below to all the other great stories as well.

Oh little one. You are not all grown up yet. You will be soon, but not yet. For now, just be 20. Within the next 60 months you will graduate, start your journalism career, move 3,000 miles away to California, get married and have your first beautiful baby. Deep breaths, girl.

We, your loving 30-, 40-and 50-year-old selves, are here to tell you that you will make some bonehead decisions and take some doozy left turns, but you are on the right path. It’s just going to take a while. Give yourself a chance now to be more of who you really are so that you don’t have to go through as much crap figuring it all out later.  … Hello? Are you paying attention,  little Ms. Headstrong?  We hope we’re not boring you. Listen up.

First off, lose the boyfriend. He’s a good guy but you’re hiding behind him. Your mother really laid a guilt trip on you about boys – actually she laid guilt trips on you about a lot of things, but that’s another chitty chat. Check out a few more Michaels, Stephens and Davids. Just kiss that nice guy you’ve been with since you were 15 on his hippie-bearded cheek and stick out your thumb on the highway of love. You’ll be just fine.

Next, you don’t know everything. Not now, not ever. So ease up on the controls a bit, will you?  Our Dad has told you many times that life is but a dream. You don’t know what he’s talking about now, but here’s a big fat clue from your grown-up selves: Life goes by so fast it’ll make your pretty little head spin. One day you’ll come to understand Dad was so right about this and you’ll miss hearing him tell you. Relax.

And another thing, lose the drama please. We love you and we’re on your side, but you sure have a way of getting things stuck in that brain of yours. We mean it, missy. Let 98 percent of what enters your Amygdala go on its merry way. It’ll take some practice, but you can do it.

Finally, we’re proud of you little one. You’re a good kid and you will be one hell of a woman, doozies and all. It’s up to you to make your way to us as best you can, but you will get here faster than you can possibly imagine. When you do, we  are going to have one hell of celebration. Maybe we’ll even invite your 60-, 70- and 80-year-old selves to the party.

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How My Failure Was My Greatest Success: Guest Post by Bridgette Raes

Three years ago my business came to a crashing halt, like an 80-mph-slam-into-a- brick-wall-type halt. This is the story of how I managed to recover and see it, instead, as success.

In 2002, I threw all caution to the wind and left a successful fashion design career to start my style consulting company for women, the Bridgette Raes Style Group. Regardless of the ups and downs, my business had a steady growth and evolution to it. I maintained a consistent client base of women who hired me to help them revamp their style, booked regular speaking opportunities and started to establish myself as an expert in my field. This perfect progression evolved into the next opportunity to write a book that was released in January 2008.  That year wound up being this high-flying ride with no limits. I started doing paid television appearances as a spokesperson, my opinion (now that I had a book released) became more valuable in the media and suddenly people were seeking me out. It all seemed so blissful.

And then the economy crashed … and so did my business.

Basically, I was like a (wo)man without a country. Because I had consciously chosen to lessen the focus on my client work and more on my media endeavors, I didn’t have a strong enough foothold anywhere. Having drifted away from my client work, it was impossible to swim back to it for economic safety, not that there was much anyway; the economy affected everyone.

The next year became the darkest most dignity-crushing, depressing year of my life – but looking back now I wouldn’t change a thing. The lessons I learned about my career and myself are priceless. Here are some of the things I learned that may help you should you ever be faced with your own failure:


The best part of a failure is you’re really left with nothing after it happens. While it may sound depressing, it really is a do-over, a clean slate. You’re back at the beginning again, able to reassess your next move. However, that right next move sometimes takes time before it presents itself. When this happens, entrepreneurs feel inclined to want to make something happen, yet sometimes nothing is exactly what is needed; we need to accept that. If the next step doesn’t feel inspired or light you up, stay still. Instead of clogging the moment with action just for the sake of feeling productive, accept that sometimes the room is dark and it may take you a while to find the light switch. There is a big difference between activity and productivity. This time taught me that.

Say No

Part of the reason we become entrepreneurs is because we’re passionate about something … and then we get lost in the mire of being an entrepreneur. Suddenly we feel that in order to make money, get ahead or pay a bill we need to take on responsibilities that we don’t really want. We can easily begin to lose sight of why we started our own businesses in the first place. Certainly, there will always be tasks, duties and projects that aren’t our favorites, however, during my failure I learned that only saying yes to things that empowered me not only brought on successes but changed my attitude about myself. When you fail it is easy to personalize it. Yet, when you turn things down (even if it scares you or you feel you’re in no position to say no) you reclaim your own power and operate with a success mindset, even if that’s not how you feel at that moment. As the saying goes, “In order for great to enter, good has to stand aside.”

Learn to Measure Your Success Differently

Unfortunately, some failure in business is inevitable; but allowing yourself to feel like a failure is optional. After wallowing in my own self-pity until I was sick of myself, I picked myself up by looking at what I did have, not what I didn’t. As an entrepreneur you can’t just gauge our success on monetary gain or the success of big goals. In fact, I suggest, especially during a failure, that you put the money conversation aside entirely. I’m not saying that you skip a mortgage payment or stop paying your bills, but there is most likely a bigger reason than money that you decided to start working for yourself in the first place. It is important during a time of failure to reconnect with that. Perhaps you want to be a writer but can’t get a book deal or find a magazine that will publish your work. Yet, you became a writer because you want to write, period. During failure, pull back in the big goals and go back to the basics of why you decided to strike out on your own. If you’re a writer, write.. … I don’t care if it is in a journal. Want to be a great speaker and can’t get a big gig? Speak at your local library. The success you will feel by just doing what you love during times of setback will not only make you feel productive but will make you feel like you are moving forward.


I’m not a religious person but I am a spiritual person and my spirituality strengthened during this time of failure. When I failed, peace came when I stopped taking on the burden that wasn’t mine to take. While it may be psychological, giving away what I saw as burdens to something bigger than myself, changed in my life. This time of looking at my faith also showed me what little faith I had prior to failing. It’s not uncommon to bargain with God when we fail or to beg for the universe’s help to save us from failure because we don’t want to suffer. However, I realized that begging and bargaining is not what faith is all about. Faith is the knowing that you don’t have to beg because all is OK once you give it away; the knowing that if you let yourself fall backward someone will be there to catch you. It also teaches you to accept and trust the flow of life.

Yes, I could look back at that year of darkness as failure, but faith taught me that it happened exactly as it should have and was part of a bigger plan that I didn’t see at the time — my success.

Bridgette Raes is one of those people who inspires me every time our paths cross. She’s amazing. Bridgette is the founder and president of the Bridgette Raes Style Group where she shows woman just how beautiful they are, author of “Style Rx: Dressing the Body You Have to Create the Body You Want”, a blogger and creator and host of the radio show “Where You Going in That?” on Blogtalk Radio, also available on Stitcher. She is one wise woman. She dresses really well, too. – LF

Self-Scanning Technique Helps You Look Inside Your Heart and Your Head

When my kids were little, each night at the dinner table I would ask them for their highlight and “lowlight” of the day. This was one of my ways of getting them to talk and getting a temperature reading on what was really going on in those little heads and hearts. It was fun and it worked. So I’ve decided to use the same technique on myself to get a head/heart perspective as I move ahead on my new employme life.

Here we go: The highlight of the week was that the radio show I’ve been working on with another awesome woman entrepreneur is moving forward. It looks like we will launch in September on a local San Francisco talk station. Stand by! The lowlight was that I have so much going on I worry that I’m running in circles. Right now I’m just going to trust that the circles sort themselves out and it will all make sense in the coming months.

Do you self-scan? Share how you gauge your own state of affairs.

It’s Not Easy Being Green: Tales of a New Entrepreneur

This morning I watered my six tomato plants just as I have done every day for the last couple of months. But this morning was different. This morning I realized that I was experiencing a cluster – Get it? Like a cluster of tomatoes? icon smile Its Not Easy Being Green: <br> Tales of a New Entrepreneur –  of emotions.  Here’s what I was feeling:

Impatience – When the hell are these things going to be ripe already?

Amazement – How can there be so many tomatoes!?

Excitement – Those green things are going to burst off the vines! I created life!

Anticipation – I cannot wait to taste the first one.

Trepidation – What am I going to do with a million ripe tomatoes?

Self-doubt – Why are there no tomatoes on that one plant? What did I do wrong?

Resolve – Next year I’m going to space the plants better and put in a drip system so I’m not standing here hand watering for the rest of my life.

Then It Hit Me

I went into the house, washed my hands, drank some water and got back to work on my computer. Hands on keys, it instantly hit me that those are the exact emotions I am feeling about my new journey to entrepreneurship and my new life. Here’s what I am  feeling using that filter:

Impatience – When oh when are all my plans and hard work going to pay off?

Amazement– Wow, I finally took that big step out on my own.

Excitement -There are so many great things going on all at once!

Anticipation – I cannot wait to see where this all leads.

Trepidation – What am I going to do if everything I have in the hopper comes to fruition?

Self-doubt – I hope I’m making the right decisions.

Resolve – I’m going to plan better and pace myself better going forward.

Iknow gardening metaphors are a dime a dozen, I do. But this is a true story. Anyone have any good tomato recipes to share? I’m collecting them now so I’m ready.

A Career Built on Sliding-Door Moments

My career has always been more kismet than strategic, a “Sliding Doors” adventure. Remember that movie where the woman’s life is drastically different depending on whether she does or doesn’t make the train? That’s me, sans the infidelity, death and dark intrigue. From my first day as a college intern when the city editor at the Bridgewater Courier News assigned me to cover a murder until now, chance has been my friend. Don’t get me wrong. I have goals and work hard to achieve them, but somehow or other the most amazing work experiences have been the ones that find me. The sliding doors.

That traumatizing but exhilarating night in the newsroom was Day 1 of an 18-year newspaper career in which I had all kinds of interesting run-ins with my buddy Mr. Chance. Like the day the food editor, who sat right near me, quit in a huff and I – organizer of gourmet dinners and avid reader of every foodie magazine on the newsstand – went right into the editor in charge and told him he had found his next food editor. That was a fun job.

Or the time the powers that be at the newspaper decided they wanted to combine the editing staffs of seven lifestyle sections and that I was the one who had to figure it out. I kicked, I screamed but ultimately I had no choice. The editors who had been happily nestled, all tucked in their beds in their travel sections, their style sections, their home and garden sections were so pissed off at me because they thought I was working for the man. I gathered them all in a conference room and I told them, “Look, either we figure this out together and create a new system that works as best as it can for us, or management will figure out a system that doesn’t.” Those editors cooperated, and the whole experience made me realize that I really had a knack for managing people and creating process and systems. Another sliding door.

The Wild, Wild Web

One day I had lunch with an old newspaper friend I hadn’t seen in years and told him I thought it was time I took a clue and got out of the business. Like the Ghost of Future Jobs he pointed me to my next career move– the Net, as we called it in the day. It was an ezine – remember those? – and our goal was to write about every website on the planet. I was the deluded executive editor who did not realize at the time that this was ridiculous, but I had stepped up to my neck into the exciting wild, wild web and a whole new world. That’s all that mattered.

A bit down the road I entered the will-code-for-food, logo-T-shirted, Birkenstock-footed world of search engines when Yahoo was just a twinkle and Google did not yet exist. A straight up technology company was not what I had in mind, but I went for the job anyway. This was the time when content and technology circled each other warily. There I learned that editorial people are from Mars and technology people are from Venus. We need each other but we sure have different views of the world. You either get that about the digital world or you don’t make it. That search engine sliding door taught me a lot.

In between jobs, I met a women who used to work for me at said search engine and she introduced me to her sister, who worked for cable TV giant Scripps Networks. Before you know it, I’m launching the digital portion of a new cable network. Sliding doors, I tell you. There were other jobs in cable, ecommerce and startup land, and then one day I reconnected with a woman I knew casually back in the code-for-food days. She just so happened to be Ms. Honcho of a big social media company, and you can guess the rest of the story. Honestly, I didn’t plan any of this, just a bunch of sliding doors every step of the way.

Hang On, It’s a Bumpy Ride

I have to admit it’s taken a tolerance for vertigo to ride this roller coaster. And let’s not even go into the bumps, bruises and ego-wracking twists and turns along the way. Many people look at me and say, “Mercy, mercy, you have really been through it.” It’s true, I have. Given a do-over, however, I wouldn’t do it any other way. It’s been a blast and the reason I’ve been able to do all sorts of things like move five times, travel through India, raise two daughters and throw myself into a new entrepreneurial world, brought on, I might add, by that sliding door called a layoff.

These days I am far more aware of those sliding door moments right in front of my nose. We just wink at each other and I take the next step.

be your name Buxbaum or Bixby or Bray
or Mordecai Ali Van Allen O’Shea,
you’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So … get on your way! – Dr. Seuss

I Found My Heart in San Francisco

Ihad been single for more or less 9 years for no good reason that I or anyone in my life could fathom. True, there had been a few multi-state moves and job changes, plus my girls’ final laps through high school and college, but still. Nine years!? How can that be, friends asked. You’re kidding, strangers marveled. This is ridiculous, I thought.

Was I paying for something I had done in the past? I was raised Catholic, after all, so that would make total sense. And there was that time in 10th grade when I broke poor Henry Hannity’s heart. But surely I had done enough work on myself to annihilate any residual demons in this lifetime and the next two. Was I too impatient? My expectations too high?  Whadya? I knew one thing for sure: I was a completely self-sufficient woman, capable of handling anything life threw my way, and I was sick to death of it. I knew one more thing: I would make a great partner, if I ever got the chance again.

I decided I was going to get married one snowy North Carolina night as I sat in my car outside the restaurant making final arrangements to move back to San Francisco, the place I knew was my real home. “I have an announcement,” I said to Terri and Jamie as I sat across from them and scanned the pasta-packed menu.  “I’m getting married.”  “Wow. Do you have anyone in mind??” Terri asked.

A few weeks later I picked up my laptop from one of the stacks of boxes yet to be unpacked in my new home and posted my profile on Match. I was way too busy with my new job and getting settled in to think seriously about finding my man, but I thought I should at least get things started. After all, there was a wedding to be planned.

One night as I was about to walk out the door to meet friends for dinner I read a Match email. It was from Jim: “You’re home on a Friday night, I’m home on a Friday night. We live close. Why not meet for a glass of wine?” A quick look at his profile, which showed a handsome, seemingly down to earth guy, and I did the unthinkable. I emailed him right back. “You know, if I didn’t already have plans I may well take you up on that.” “How about Sunday?” he shot back. “Sounds good,”  I replied.

I remember getting ready for the date. I looked in the mirror, mascara wand in hand, wondering why I was even bothering. Jesus, I would just have to wash this stuff off in a little while and, shit, I could be watching “60 Minutes” and relaxing before a grueling work week. … I fell in love with him on a hot afternoon about six weeks later as he tinkered with a broken fan that I had dragged from move to move. I watched him as he screwed this tighter, re-adjusted that and concentrated on the job at hand.  I tried really hard not to make a sound when the tears came, but he looked up at me. “Are you crying?” he asked. He just couldn’t believe it. Neither could I.

He sleeps beside me as I type away, two and a half years later. He opens his right eye once in a while to take a peek, and then sinks back down into sleep. In a minute I will turn off my laptop and wrap myself around him, grateful and awed about where life has lead me. Right where I belong.