Long ago (though we’re not saying how long) and far away in a fair land called New Jersey a little girl grew up happy in the bosom of her loving  family, filled with a passion for books and adventure and a great desire to do something important in the world. She had  many talents, this little girl, not least of which was the innate ability to organize and motivate the neighborhood kids into doing things they didn’t know they wanted to do like putting on plays for the parents, playing kickball in front of her house (the only flat part of the street) and forming nature clubs and a lending library.

These talents and passions served her well in the years ahead and she created a fascinating and fulfilling career as a newspaper journalist, serving as reporter, then editor and finally the head honcho for the production of seven lifestyle sections for a major San Francisco daily. And then, with years of content strategy and organizational management in her quiver, a great opportunity swept the girl, now a woman, into the strange and exciting land of the Internet.

Not many had ventured into this land at the time, and with expected pluck our explorer forged ahead, applying her passion and expertise to conceiving compelling and effective plans and pulling in all the people and resources needed to make an idea fly. Kingdoms such as Microsoft, Disney, Scripps Networks, Tennis Channel and BlogHer were well delighted with our ball of fire, and she was glad for their felicity. But what really gave her pleasure was the happiness of the beloved user and the many people she shepherded, for without their trueheartedness her efforts would all have been for naught.

A few years ago, the woman, long now a digital executive, realized that the day would come when she would heed the call yet again to venture into lands unknown, though this time it would be to create her own kingdom. And that day did come, at the end of April 2012, actually. And so the story continues …

The End … and The Beginning

I’m so excited to be entering the next chapter of my story because I’m sure the best is yet to come. Change and transition are what push us forward through life. It’s scary and intimidating sometimes, but change will happen even if you close your eyes and stand very still so you may as well participate or you will be living by default. Nah uh, not me, and I assume not you either. I envision life as a circle and I am standing on one side of the circle looking to the other side. Two steps to the left or two steps to the right, it’s the same circle, I just have a slightly different perspective. And that is often all it takes to make a difference in life. Employee to Employme chronicles my immediate transition to becoming an entrepreneur, but it’s really about the greater journey of living life proactively, with joy and integrity and fabulous people. What more could a person want? So in addition to the nuts and bolts of how I start my consulting business (and a few other things I have up my sleeve) and the emotional highs and lows therein, you will also find a lot of content here about living like you mean it. Please join me!