Eye Liner Methods From the Beauty Hall of Fame

Beauty for most of us beauty divas, involves a good set up of eyeliner make up. A well rounded make up arsenal can be found at the best drugstore liquid eyeliner that you can find in town. It won’t always be that easy though. You got so many options once you get in there. So many perks and designers claiming “this is the best new stuff.” After a deep search, you realize you still don’t know how to put eyeliner on or what one to use first. That is where we come in to save you. We want to help find the eyeliner that just fits. Give you a list of eyeliner options and tell you what their for. Let us make you the master at using different eyeliners. See more info below.

The Pencil Liner

The pencil liner or the thin line on the eyes eye liner. Its very easy to use and very not messy. Used by most business women today because it uses a medium dry matte finish. Comes in black mostly with a few optional colors. It will darken your eyes but not leave a huge wet stain there. You won’t have to wait for the eye liner to dry up, and worry about the place you going to having a hot environment. You have everything you need for the business world with pencil eye liners. You can use this eye liner for every day use too. Its a nice eye liner for the every day routines and regular stuff you do.

Liquid Eye Liner

Liquid eye liner is for a smooth and mysterious look. You can get this at the best drugstore for eyeliners in town, but its not necessary to get it. The best stuff tends to have higher quality. Its not like pencil eye liner. The quality depends on who you buy it from. You also need to know how wet the eye liner is. The eye liner you get might be super wet or a little wet. It matters when you are in a hurry to be some where. Strongly suggested you play with this eye liner before using it for every day use. The eyeliner typically looks best in black and gives off more darkness to color. It makes you look a little like a vampire. Vampire looks are sexy. Mostly at night but yeah.

The Cream Liner

The thick eyeliner for women who want more thickness on their eyes. You can use this eyeliner to make you look like some princess in India. Its a beautiful way to make your eyes look amazing. Good for impressing a guy you really want. The material adds a high shine to your eyes. You will look really bright in the night light. The eyes will look like their being touched by some strange fire. People will notice your make up before your face. Its a good look for women wanting to look extra pretty tonight. Its not suggested to use this for like regular day to day stuff. You will look like you want something sexual if you use this for regular stuff.