It’s Not Easy Being Green: Tales of a New Entrepreneur

This morning I watered my six tomato plants just as I have done every day for the last couple of months. But this morning was different. This morning I realized that I was experiencing a cluster – Get it? Like a cluster of tomatoes? icon smile Its Not Easy Being Green: <br> Tales of a New Entrepreneur –  of emotions.  Here’s what I was feeling:

Impatience – When the hell are these things going to be ripe already?

Amazement – How can there be so many tomatoes!?

Excitement – Those green things are going to burst off the vines! I created life!

Anticipation – I cannot wait to taste the first one.

Trepidation – What am I going to do with a million ripe tomatoes?

Self-doubt – Why are there no tomatoes on that one plant? What did I do wrong?

Resolve – Next year I’m going to space the plants better and put in a drip system so I’m not standing here hand watering for the rest of my life.

Then It Hit Me

I went into the house, washed my hands, drank some water and got back to work on my computer. Hands on keys, it instantly hit me that those are the exact emotions I am feeling about my new journey to entrepreneurship and my new life. Here’s what I am  feeling using that filter:

Impatience – When oh when are all my plans and hard work going to pay off?

Amazement– Wow, I finally took that big step out on my own.

Excitement -There are so many great things going on all at once!

Anticipation – I cannot wait to see where this all leads.

Trepidation – What am I going to do if everything I have in the hopper comes to fruition?

Self-doubt – I hope I’m making the right decisions.

Resolve – I’m going to plan better and pace myself better going forward.

Iknow gardening metaphors are a dime a dozen, I do. But this is a true story. Anyone have any good tomato recipes to share? I’m collecting them now so I’m ready.

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