This is a gathering spot, a place to learn and share our experiences of entrepreneurship. Some of you are brand new to this and some are old hands. We can learn so much from each other! There are  many ways for you to participate here and help grow the collection of knowledge, wisdom and community. Below are a few. Please email me at [email protected] and let me know what can be added to make Employee to Employme more useful and supportive.

  • Suggest a post topic and/or a post category – I’m making a list and checking it twice.
  • Write a guest post – Experienced entrepreneur or a newpreneur, there’s so much we can learn from each other. We need many and varied voices!
  • Recommend an entrepreneur you admire, someone who’s doing it right. Better yet, write a post about said person.
  • Recommend a book, a blog, a tool, a plugin and other useful resources. Again, better yet, write a post!
  • Contribute to Notes to Self Friday: Each Friday I will post an observation, lesson learned or wish-i’d-known-that fact from the week. Send me yours!
  • Fill out a survey – Once in a while I’ll send out a survey to gauge our community’s opinions about issues and subjects that impact entrepreneurs. I’m working on one right now about digital tools. Stand by.
  • Join the Guru Committee! If you are an entrepreneur with experience under your belt, we need you. If you would like to share your best practices, advice and words of wisdom, shoot me an email and tell me about you and your business. I’ll ping you once in a while to get your input on the ins and outs of building a business and incorporate your awesome sagacity into this blog. I’ll credit you and link to your site, too.
  • Download the I’m an Employme badge for your blog or site to let the world know you’re nobody’s employee. You’ll find the badge in the right column. Just click to get directions.