Self-Scanning Technique Helps You Look Inside Your Heart and Your Head

When my kids were little, each night at the dinner table I would ask them for their highlight and “lowlight” of the day. This was one of my ways of getting them to talk and getting a temperature reading on what was really going on in those little heads and hearts. It was fun and it worked. So I’ve decided to use the same technique on myself to get a head/heart perspective as I move ahead on my new employme life.

Here we go: The highlight of the week was that the radio show I’ve been working on with another awesome woman entrepreneur is moving forward. It looks like we will launch in September on a local San Francisco talk station. Stand by! The lowlight was that I have so much going on I worry that I’m running in circles. Right now I’m just going to trust that the circles sort themselves out and it will all make sense in the coming months.

Do you self-scan? Share how you gauge your own state of affairs.

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